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17th and 18th March, 1948 - Mutiny among the ranks and Ron starts making preparations for departure.

Wednesday, 17th March, 1948
This morning I was called upon to act as escort to a prisoner who was going for trial before the Superintendent.  The Prisoner was a B/C who, about three weeks ago, flatly refused to go on duty.  Both the duty Sergeant and the Inspector I/C ordered him to go on duty and both times he refused saying “I’m sick of these Static Guards.”
He was put under close arrest which meant he lived normally in another room by himself. And all he [his] meals were brought to him.  He came for summary trial before the S.P. who read him the statements of the witnesses who were called and he was asked if he wanted to question the witnesses or offer defence.  From the way he said this the S.P. thought the prisoner was as obstinate as ever and was preparing, so he said, to use his full powers.  But the Prisoner then added that he was ready to resume duties.  He was then sentenced to 14 days pay which is very light.

Thursday, 18th March, 1948
This morning I was not called on for duty so I could pass it as I pleased.
Last evening a friend of mine in “Records” in H.Q. came down to visit me and he bore the welcome news that one or two friends of mine & myself would be on the boat leaving on the eighth of April.  I now cannot wait until I have written off the next twenty pages in this book.
This morning a roommate and I exchanged a case each.  He wanted mine as it is larger than his; I wanted his as it is stronger than mine.  I then packed everything in my possession as a practise pack & I was pleased to note what room I had left.
We drew a kit bag, a large pair of denim overalls and a pair of sandals in preparation for the boat today.  We will have to hand in quite a deal of kit before we leave here.

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