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27th and 28th March, 1948 - Ron's "falling apart" as battle ravages the city and a new static duty commences.

Saturday, 27th March, 1948
I seem for some reason to be falling apart.  Following my petty effort at appendicitis I had a raw throat which I still cannot account for.  Now this morning, I wake up with my right knee funny.  I think I must have pulled a ligament in some action of mine.  The trouble is we do not get enough action in the form of exercise.  This morning I tried to walk away the stiffness of my leg by going all around the Colony.
Starting at 5.15p.m. while I was on the P.W.D. workshops a terrific battle raged until about 7p.m.  this battle was started by the Jews and replied to by the Arabs.  Mortars were used by both sides.  The Jews won that (in inflicting casualties) but later the Arabs trapped a convoy of 30 Jewish trucks and inflicted many casualties on them.  The trucks formed a circle for defence.

Sunday, 28th March, 1948
Today I start a new week of duty which I hope will be my last in this country.  I have not been on this guard before; it is the offices of the Administrator General and our hours are from 7am until they close, about 1.15pm.

Princess Mary Ave, Jerusalem
This was known as Bevingrad  and the British used barbed wire
to block the road to both Jewish and Arab traffic
All the staff are Jews and the offices are situated in the once busiest and now the most deserted & desolate street in Jerusalem, the Princess Mary Avenue.  The Street is littered with paper & broken glass from the shops which once formed the commercial centre of Jerusalem.  The futility of civil War is emphasised if this is needed, by a look at this once beautiful prosperous business & shopping centre.

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