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18th & 19th April, 1948 - Closer and closer... The Bay of Biscay and Finisterre while the nights are getting colder.

Sunday, 18th April, 1948
Now out in the Atlantic the sea though not rough is making the ship pitch and roll.  This has caused many people, especially those who embarked at Gib., to develop mal de mer.  Fortunately so far I have escaped this fate but my tummy warns me not to be too optimistic about crossing Biscay tomorrow.
The voyage is beginning to bore me now, everything which was new in the first few days has fallen into place to make a routine.  The mornings I find pass much more quickly than do the afternoons.

Reading is my main occupation interspersed with aimless gazing out over the wastes of water.  We are out of sight of land now and after Cape Finisterre at 5a.m. tomorrow morning I doubt if we shall see more main land before that of the U.K.

Monday, 19th April, 1948

My friend and I are still sleeping in hammocks on deck but we notice that the nights are becoming cooler as we approach England.
Every evening now we have a cinema show on deck but these have had to be begun later than they were when we left Palestine for it is still light at 8.30pm.
To get a reasonable seat at one of these shows one has to rush up to a preselected position as soon as dinner is over.
Several evenings the show has had to be put over in doubt for we sit expecting rain now we near England.

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