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19th and 20th March, 1948 - Spring in the air, thoughts of home

Friday, 19th March, 1948
The cold weather is gradually leaving us now and this morning saw brilliant sunshine.

Bob Matthews my old school friend is still here and occasionally we wander about the colony together.  He spends a lot of his time up with me and I find him good company.  There is quite a deal of competition as to who will reach home first.  The standing joke is that the first one of us to reach home will spread marvellous tales about the life out here and he will have to pay enormous sums of “Hush” money to the other on his return in order to perpetuate the story.
We are all wondering whether or not the decision on America’s part to abandon partition will have an adverse effect on our going home.

Saturday, 20th March, 1948
I see on the detail for next week’s duty that once more I am assigned to the Public Works Department Work Shops.  This will be about the fifth time I have had this guard.  It will be different in as much as the partnership of Barclay & myself will be broken, the first time since our arrival in Jerusalem.
This evening I went to the local “Regent Cinema” to see “Dr Jeckyll & Mr ydeHydeHHyde.”  I had never read the story or seen the film before and found it exceptionally well played and the photography well done.

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