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31st March and 1st April, 1948 - Coffee with a pianist but no news on "the list"

Wednesday, 31st March, 1948
Again it was raining this morning when the time came for us to go to work.  We accepted the truck however and when we reached the “C” zone gate by Barclay’s Bank we got out and went into a café for coffee and a smoke.
I take a book to read on duty and this helps to relieve the boredom.  One of the clerks is an amateur pianist and in conversation he mentioned that he is studying Beethoven “Pathetic Sonata;” this I found interesting for it was the last piece I was playing before leaving home so long ago.  I should like to get back to the piano again and would be one of the things possible if I could get a job at home or near home.[1]

[1] Sonata Pathetique remained "Dad's piece" throughout his life

Thursday, 1st April, 1948
I feel rather in low spirits as I write this for I am beginning to think the list of names for the boat on the 8th does not include anyone from the Guard Section.  Also I have heard it rumoured that those other stations who have B/Cs who are going have been notified to this effect.  This would account for the absence of any list in this section.  I am still living in hopes but the plans that were first made must have been altered again; a thing very common in the administration of this force.
The Sergeant has just been in and he says as far as he knows no list has been published as yet but it is expected tomorrow.  So the rumours go on.

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