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2nd and 3rd April, 1948 - Long awaited news leaves Ron strangely cold but doesn't stop him preparing!

Friday, 2nd April, 1948
This morning I went to work as usual and during the morning my work mate phoned up a friend of his at a nearby station to find out if he had any news of the boat list.
The answer was yes he had the list in front of him.  He read the list out over the phone and both my friend’s & my name was on it.  I could not believe it was true and could not wait to read our list in the office.  When I got back I found it to be true, myself and about 20 others from the section were going to sail on the “SAMARIA” on the 10th.
source: - Harold A. Skaarup

When I grasped the situation I was peculiarly unexcited perhaps caused by the long wait and constant rumours.


Saturday, 3rd April, 1948

All of us going paraded at the guard room this morning for instructions.  We went to the “Records” branch and on to the Government Hospital where a form was filled in to say we were fit for travel to the U.K.
On the way back I called into Cook’s Travel Agency to get particulars for insuring kit.  I find that if my property is valued at £200 then I can insure it for 21 days at a premium of £1.30.

This afternoon I repacked all my kit and sorted out my issue kit for handing into stores on Monday.

We find our names on the duty list for next week.  This was annoying as we still have oddments to do and availables will have to fill in when we hand kit in.

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