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23rd and 24th March, 1948 - Future plans and a touch of Art criticism

Tuesday, 23rd March, 1948
This morning promised a continuation of the warm weather of the last two days but the afternoon saw a change, the weather reverting back to the drizzle and cold winds which we have endured all winter.
Once more today I handed my name into the Billet Office with the other B/Cs under 21 years of age who have jobs to go back to in England.  I have not been worrying so much of late as to what the future holds for me.  In the back of my mind I am still entertaining the idea of Estate Auctioneering.  I mentioned this in a letter home a short time ago and in an answer to it although mum approves of the idea dad withholds any comment.
Duty today was even more dull in the rain.  We now do a systematic search of all the offices as on Saturday a cigarette packet was found containing explosive enough to seriously injure a man.

Wednesday, 24th March, 1948
This morning was dull but brightened for the afternoon.
I started a letter to Joyce but was interrupted so many times by visitors that I had to give it up for completion some other time.
Shimmering Substance - Jackson Pollock, 1946
courtesy of
The last few evenings we have spent in discussions in the barrack room.  The subjects vary every night and cover all sorts of things.  We had quite a heated argument last night over the idea of Modern Art.
It is surprising how fast the usually long evenings pass when such discussions develop.
I have a slightly sore throat this evening, I hope I don’t have to go sick again before the 8th of next month.

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