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21st and 22nd March, 1948 - Gun battles and sunbathing - a strange mix...

Sunday, 21st March, 1948
I was awakened at five this morning by the sounds of heavy explosions and intense automatic fire.  This lasted for about a quarter of an hour then finished.  I got up at twenty past eight, just in time for breakfast.
The weather was really lovely today and all over the camp B/Cs were to be seen stripped to the waist and endeavouring to obtain at least a semblance of a tan in the remaining weeks before going home.
The duty today was as usual very dull.  The sergeant on with us was one who had been unfortunate enough to be on the same job when the Work Shops were supposedly robbed of £5000 worth of materials.  He is therefore rather careful now in his placing of the guards.

Monday, 22nd March, 1948
In an endeavour to take home at least a little of the picture they imagine Palestine to be at home, I joined in the general body exposure around the camp this morning.  It reminded me of an article I once read on sun bathing.  This article I remember was very revolutionary expounding facts which show that no medical advantages are to be gained from sun bathing.  The author said the only advantage gained was that of a beautifying tan if one was fortunate enough to avoid the more common lobster hue of the overbathed.
One of the B/Cs on duty with me was even so keen on “tanning” himself that during his two hours guard in the inner yard of the workshops he stripped to the waist with his rifle across his knee.

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