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29th and 30th March, 1948 - Cold "statics" continue but anticipating the "list" and sketching helps to keep the spirits up

Monday, 29th March, 1948
The weather is still changing from day to day; yesterday it was warm sunshine while today the sun has broken through the clouds on only two or three occasions here.  In the Admin. General’s building it is inclined to be cold and when on duty there it is often necessary to put one’s book down and walk about to get warm.
We were told today by a sergeant that the list of names of those persons on the next boat would be published tomorrow.  He also said that the date for these people to leave the camp had been brought forward to the 5th from the 6th.
We still go to the local cinema twice a week as this breaks the monotony of the Barracks.

Tuesday, 30th March, 1948
This morning although it was drizzling with rain my duty friend and I decided to walk to work.  We decided this as the truck was without a cover and we would therefore get wet if we went by truck, also the Administrator General’s office does not open until 8am so that we should have to stand out in the rain and wind for an hour.  By walking we used a half hour of this time and in the rest of the time we went to the Central Police Station for a cup of tea.  The offices are very cold; no form of heating being supplied by the Government.  We have another way of passing the evenings now.  We do sketches copied from Disney’s Cartoons.  These are not first rate of course but they do pass the time away and open up new channels of thought and therefore conversation.

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