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10th and 11th February, 1948 - A few creature comforts on Static duty, a missed breakfast and flying rumours

Tuesday, 10th February, 1948
Last evening the rain poured down during the whole period of our tour of duty.  I am afraid that by mutual consent of all three of us we deserted the Jewish Road check in favour of the P.W.D. fire.  Not satisfied with this we had foreseen what was going to happen and took with us a tea-pot full of tea to be heated on the fire, some bread to be toasted and a tin of fish.  Thus our evening was spent in comfort.

The Montefioré Quarter is towards the bottom centre on this map
 - around No. 20 ... the German Colony where Ron
was billeted is a little to the North of this.
source: University of California archive
This evening we have made similar arrangements but will not all forsake the Jewish Road Check as the Arabs have been very active today.  It is said they captured half of the Montefior√© Quarter inflicting heavy casualties on the Jews.

Wednesday, 11th February, 1948
I awoke this morning at twenty minutes to eight and deciding to lay on for five minutes I turned over and next woke at twenty minutes to nine.  This meant that all of us in the room had missed our breakfast so we all decided to grasp the rare opportunity of a lay on in bed.  Needless to say we arose in ample time for our lunch.

It has been a beautiful day today after the recent rains.  As I write the sun is pouring through the window onto my book drying the ink as fast as I write.
There are rumours flying that Sunday is to be the Arabs “D” Day.  What truth there is in this I know not but if they do intend to start an all out offensive, their minor battle of yesterday will set an example of what they can do.

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