Wednesday 22 January 2014

1st and 2nd March, 1948 - Cold nights, missing trucks and a welcome cup of tea...

Monday, 1st March, 1948
The first night on our new duty passed reasonably quickly.  During the whole of the night there were about six vehicles in all which passed through the zone gate.
We had no fire last night and we shivered in the freezing cold night air.  I had come prepared for the cold wearing four pullovers and two pairs of sock extra to my normal accoutrement, but this was not enough even then.  My friend and I took a blanket each and this kept our shoulders warm but our feet froze.
This afternoon we were informed that two Police 15cwt trucks had been stolen during the night from H.Q. in our zone, and it was suspected that they had left the zone via the gate we were guarding.  We recorded statements to the effect that we had seen no 15cwts pass through all night.

Tuesday, 2nd March, 1948
Last night we procured some wood from odd places nearby and built a fire which warmed us all night.
A street tea vendor in Gaza, 1946
courtesy of the acid history blog

My partner purchased a thermos flask yesterday and we were very pleased with the hot tea thus obtained and with the packet of biscuits I took to work.  At about 2.30am we heard a shout from a nearby road and looking out from the Sanger we saw an Arab coming out of the darkness with a tray and a primus in a tin bucket.  He was selling “Tea with milk” at 1½  piastres a cup.
We each had a cup full and the man told us he had no employment so was earning about 10/- a night by selling tea to the night guards.

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