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9th and 10th March, 1948 - Appendicitis? Yes or No - it's all about what a hungry Ron can eat!

Tuesday, 9th March, 1948
This morning my pains wakened me and continued all through the day.  They are not fierce pains but dull and as if a weight was pressing down on the lower right hand side of the abdomen.
Mealtimes are some of the worst times of the day, for all the others are being given their food while I get nothing.  Since Friday evening I have eaten two poached eggs and four slices of bread & butter.
I wish they would operate if I have appendicitis for it is liable to come back again even if it passes now.
Today I learned that the “Squaddy” in the bed opposite me came out on the same boat as I did though I did not know him of course.
We have a Radio in the Ward and this is played quite a bit, (to the annoyance of the Arabs.)

Wednesday, 10th March, 1948
Every morning at six we are wakened by the orderly and given a bowl of cold water each which those of us who are able can wash.
At half seven we get breakfast which with other meals I have not yet been able to enjoy.  At 12.30 we get lunch and a mid-afternoon break of a cup of tea and bread, butter & jam precedes dinner at 5.30pm.
The orderly moved me into the other half of the ward today where there are more Englishmen.
At dinner I was brought a meal by one of the patients who are up and helping.  I thought it was the usual mistake made by these people and was very agreeably surprised when he later returned with a confirmation from the Sister who said it was about time I ate some food.  I enjoyed the meal and felt no ill effects from it.

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