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28th and 29th February, 1948 - Ron has a few problems getting out of bed...

Saturday, 28th February, 1948
My friend Barclay and myself were both called at five minutes to five this morning by the Billet Orderly whose duty it is to see that all persons on early duties are awake an hour beforehand.
Barclay & I have found that three-quarters of an hour is ample time in which to perform the early morning pre-departure necessities.  Therefore we have enjoyed an extra quarter of an hour lay in bed every day this week.  However this morning we must have both have dropped off to sleep again for when I next awoke it was ten minutes to six and the duty sergeant was wondering where we were.  By omitting all the necessities of pre-departure we arrived on parade only a few minutes late.  Fortunately the sergeant on duty with us took pity on our late rising and allowed us to use the N.A.A.F.I. canteen in the R.A.F. Billet nearby our guard post.

Sunday, 29th February, 1948
I do not start duty until twelve midnight tonight so this morning I lay on in bed until 8 a.m.
Being awakened by the entrance of the B/C who had been on night duty I nearly decided to stay in bed after eight for he told me that it had been snowing spasmodically during the night.  It was not enough for it to lay thank goodness.

The arrangements for gratuities and compensations for our pending breaking of contracts was announced yesterday.  I have not yet heard full details but I think that we or at least myself will receive between £P80 & £P100.

Today a notice was published stating that in future we are not confined to camp only to the zone.  This is a better arrangement for we can now go to the cinema ‘legally.’

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