Wednesday 15 January 2014

20th and 21st February, 1948 - Guard duties continuing, rumours flying and the end of term is in sight.

Friday, 20th February, 1948
Today was very dull on duty.  The weather was quite fair but not very warm.
I took a book with me to the P.B.S. and this helped to pass the slow creeping time away.

More rumours are flying about our prospects of going home.  It is now said that on the 13th of next month there is a boat sailing on which the married families are travelling.  There are 50 vacancies on it to be filled by B/Cs under 19 years of age.  The remainder of the 19s will sail on the 28th together with some of the under 20s.  I wonder if I shall be one of them.

Saturday, 21st February, 1948
So another week has come to an end without event.  We are all being very careful now that the boat is in sight.  We are all expected to be out by the end of April except for some stores people who are being asked to volunteer to stay behind in Haifa.
Today was very quiet again with just a few sporadic shootings.  I felt rather off colour today but much better this evening.

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