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6th and 7th February, 1948 - Ron hardens his ambitions for the future and experiences some tension.

Friday, 6th February, 1948
After yesterday’s down-pour of rain today it was bright and quite warm.
Although today is the Arabs’ Sabbath the traffic to and from the court was as great as it has been all the week.
I wrote to Aunt Rosa today answering the letter received from her a few days ago.  I told her how pleased I was to hear how bravely she was taking her bereavement and told her of my lack of plans for the future.
Although my ambitions are great I do not know as yet along what path they lie.  I do know that when I do take up employment in civilian life again it must be my career and the work into which I can put all my labour.  I will not allow myself to fall into a rut or position with no scope or prospects.

Saturday, 7th February, 1948

Another nice day today with a slight slackening of traffic at the Law Courts.  The Arabs seem, for all their large talk, to be quite frightened of the Jews.  They know as well as I that there would be nothing to be gained by either race in the blowing up of the Law Courts but is very noticeable how tense the atmosphere becomes when a Jew enters the Courts.  By mistake the other day I let two Jewish advocates pass into the courts without searching them thinking they were Englishmen, a mistake easy to make on some occasions.

Not the very one but a Jewish Police Constable...
The Arabs became very excited and heated about it and talked about it long after asking me why I had done it.  Another day one of the clerks stopped and tried to search a Jewish Policeman I had let pass.  For this I had to explain to him that he was not allowed to search anyone far less a policeman who can only be searched by an Assistant Superintendent of Police or a constable specially detailed.  The Jew was naturally put out but I managed to smooth out the trouble.

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