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5th and 6th March, 1948 - Rain and pain - Ron ends up in hospital.

Friday, 5th March, 1948
It rained all last night so we were not very pleased when any vehicle wanted to enter or leave the zone as we had to leave the reasonable dry of the sanger and open the gates for them.
The wind has changed its direction and instead of clearing the smoke from the sanger is now filling it up.  We did a sample of hole blocking and opening other hole to allow an exit for the smoke.  This was with some success.
I have had intermittent pains in my stomach for the last couple of days.  These I put down to indigestion possibly from acids from a bad tooth.  They have not improved so this afternoon I went sick.  The sergeant went off the deep end about it saying I should have gone sick at 8a.m. the proper time.  He said it was inconveniencing not only him but the guard duties, the duty driver and the hospital staff.  In fact disapproval was registered only by the sergeant.
I was taken to the local military hospital.  Two doctors heard my story and thoroughly examined me.  They came to the conclusion I could bear watching so put me in bed.  The sister told me I was to have nothing to eat as my case was one of queried appendicitis.

Saturday, 6th March, 1948
At all hours of the night orderlies who are in the R.A.H.C. came into the ward to take my temperature and pulse.  I did not sleep before midnight as the strange surroundings and my sitting position in bed do not encourage sleep.
At half past six this morning I was wakened and given a bowl of hot water so that I washed myself.  I then had a cup of tea and two orderlies bed bathed me.  (Yesterday I was given an enema but since I have had no motions.)  The pains in my stomach were still present and increased a little this evening.
Two Policemen have come in during the day with bullet injuries.  A Palestinian Arab this morning was shot in the arm he is now proudly exhibiting the bullet
Military hospital in Israel, 1948
source: wikimedia
extracted from his arm.  An Englishman came in this evening shot in the stomach, he has hardly moved yet but I am told the wound is not serious.
I think they still can’t make out my case.

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