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4th & 5th February, 1948 - The etiquette of the frisk is under scrutiny.

Wednesday, 4th February, 1948
The duty passed reasonably quickly today and without any outstanding events.
One minor incident occurred when one of the B/Cs on duty with me felt a little over energetic and instead of running his hands carefully up in under a man’s arms when he was searching him, brought them up with some considerable force.  The other B/C and myself saw the funnyside of this but the astonished fellow being searched was too preoccupied determining whether or not his ribs had been broken.  When he discovered he was whole he forgave the B/C in a generous way and offered us cigarettes all round.  Probably this last move was to safeguard himself on being searched another time.

Thursday, 5th February, 1948
It poured with rain all this morning starting at approximately 3am and finishing just before lunch time.
Typical of the lack of interest taken by N.C.O.s in the Welfare of the Force we were taken to our posts on the back of an open 3 tonner.  If at a future date I attend a reunion dinner of the Palestine Police I shall be very surprised if I do not snigger in the middle of one of the inevitable speeches made praising the life we led and the conditions we worked under.
This evening my recreation took the form of a visit to the Zone Cinema.  I do not think I have ever been more impressed than I was by the film “The Four Feathers.”  It was truly an excellent film excellently produced, filmed and acted.  The propaganda value in this country at this time is also not to be neglected.

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