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11th & 12th March, 1948 - Ron gets up, tries a bit of embroidery and goes to the cinema..

Thursday, 11th March, 1948
Every morning between 9a.m. and 12 mid-day we are not allowed to smoke.  It is during this period that the inspections by the officials & M.O.s take place.  Yesterday the Colonel I/C the camp came around and as a result I was told this afternoon that I could get up for a while.
I felt a little dizzy after being in bed without food but this passed off and I sat out on the veranda in the Sun.
Not quite finished...
The walking around made me quite tired and in the evening I sat by a chum’s bed and continued the embroidery of my badge, given to me by the Sister in charge of handicrafts for the patients.  There are various things which can be done in this way to break the monotony of days in bed.  All come under the impressive title of “Occupational Therapy.”


Friday, 12th March, 1948
This morning as an “Up” patient I had to wash in the wash room.  There are also showers and baths in the ablutions.
When a patient is up he is required to help with the duties in the ward.  These comprise such tasks as dusting and washing lockers, supplying bed patients with “bottles,” washing water, meals, drinks etc.
This all helps to occupy the time and for the other spare time we read, talk and listen to the Radio.  I think I shall go out on Monday.  I heard the doctor tell the sister this morning that I was ready to go out.
This evening I went to the hospital cinema, it is very much of a barn but quite large and well seated.  On the walls are small murals of scenes in the Arab lands.
The film was a Cowboy type and passed an evening away if of no other value.

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