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14th and 15th February, 1948 - Ron's on duty at the Palestine Broadcasting Studios

Saturday, 14th February, 1948
For the last few days there has been little or no firing or explosions in the city either at night or in the day.
The weather has been very nice for a few days.
The sun although weak does shine at least on most mornings.  This week’s duty with its additions of refreshments and a fire has passed quickly and has been reasonably pleasant.

Next week I am on duty in the Palestine Broadcasting System’s Studios.  I am working from 12 mid-day until 6p.m. every day.  I should find this very interesting and be able to compare the studio here with the ones I know at home.
I don't have a photo of the actual studio so this one will have to
fill in - a state of the art recording studio from 1948

Sunday, 15th February, 1948
Today I started my guard duties on the Palestine Broadcasting Studios.[1]

I naturally made a tour of the Studios and introduced myself to the Chief Engineer.  He told me I could wander around as I liked.  The eight studios are housed in a small building and are therefore very small themselves, the largest being only large enough for a very small orchestra.  They have one steel tape recording room and one disc recording room.  The control room was a very small one and controls all the studios in Jerusalem.  I was told by the Engineer that very few Outside Broadcasts are done.
In fact I was very disappointed.

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