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26th and 27th February, 1948 - Sitting down on the job, breaking down, and interesting lists!

 Thursday, 26th February, 1948
The weather was very dull today and on several occasions threatened to rain.

The guards at work makes a very humorous picture I would say but no doubt if their behaviour was published or conveyed to the Security Council of the United Nations it would be taken in a far from humours vein.

source: Life Magazine
We now have chairs at our individual posts.  One at the gateway to the P.W.D. and another half way along the road towards the Haganah road check.  One can see B/Cs sat in various attitudes upon these definite assets to guard duties.  The sergeant can be seen patrolling along the road with a smoking pipe hanging from his mouth.  This system would no doubt be very much frowned upon by the powers that be if those powers knew.

Friday, 27th February, 1948
The start to today’s toil was very unpromising.  The truck on which we are conveyed to and from our static points broke down only a few minutes from the Billet.  This necessitated our walking the rest of the distance through the heart of the city.  The poor night people we were relieving were very displeased at the prospects of their walk back.  I wonder what comments they made when they reached the billet.
Yesterday I saw a list of about 20 names, mine included, of B/Cs under 20 years of age.  I was asked whether I had employment to go back to.  I replied in the affirmative as this will mean I will be among the first to go home next month.  From the sample of the employment offered us here I think I shall gain if I look for my own employment.

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