Thursday 21 March 2013

10th & 11th March, 1947 - Prowler and explosive escort duty

Monday, 10th March, 1947
Today was spent quietly in the billet.  In the evening my duty was that of prowler guard from 6pm12 midnight.  This duty entails a strict watch be kept on each of the six T.A.C.[1] guards, by patrolling anywhere within the perimeter wire.  Also patrolling from one tower across the roof to the other tower.
These are the only station guard duties we are called upon to perform so for myself I find them much lighter than those at Shafa Amr.

Tuesday, 11th March, 1947
This morning I was up at six in order to be ready for my duties at 7.30am.

My duties this morning was to accompany another B/C [2] on a P.W.D. truck carrying glycerine.  We went with the empty truck to Tulquarm where after a delay we collected two boxes of the explosive.

We took these to a distant village, Sulphit(?) where they were to be used for making a cistern by the school for the schools use & for irrigation.  I had a long talk with the head-master.  I found him very well spoken & versed in present day affairs.  He also held very strong views on teaching many of which I had to agree with him upon.  He does not like anyone to have a text book other than the teacher.  This policy has been argued upon & I find there is much to be said for it & against it.

[1] Temporary Additional Constable
[2] British Constable

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