Sunday 17 March 2013

7th - 9th March, 1947 - Ron's on escort duty.

Friday, 7th March, 1947
This morning after a fine breakfast, Graham, Mountford & myself reported at the M.T. yard to act as escorts for the convoy truck which does the following trip every morning.

We first went to K.41 where we met a similar truck from Jerusalem carrying mail for us & convoying two civilian V.I.P’s cars.  We turned about and taking the cars into convoy took them back to Nablus & onto Jenin where we handed them over with mail to the Haifa convoy.

Nablus in 1947-8ish
Spending an hour in Jenin then we returned once more to K.41 and then to Nablus where it was now 2.30pm & where an excellent lunch awaited immediate attention.

Cards passed the evening away with a letter home to fill up time.

Saturday, 8th March, 1947
This morning we did a repeat journey of yesterday’s escorting finishing at 3 in the afternoon.

We had just finished lunch when a sergeant asks us to go out on a truck with him to find a motorcycle which had broken through a road check in Jenin carrying a Jew and a Jewess.

We found them about 20 kilos from Nablus at Kilo.85 parked by the side of the road with a flat tyre.  The sergeant, satisfied they were not terrorists and after discussion, piled them onto the truck & back to Nablus Garage for repairs.

Sunday, 9th March, 1947
Beautiful sunshine all day.

We were not called upon for duty today so spent it idling the time away in the barrack room, reading & playing “Nap”.

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