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19th & 20th February, 1947 - A trip to Acre and a talk on Dysentery

Wednesday, 19th February, 1947
As a privilege for my lucky position in the results of the law exam I went today with another squad on a tour of the Galilee district.

source: hawkebackpacking.com
We set out at 8.00am in a 30 ton truck & 15cwt truck I rode in the 15cwt which took the lead, carrying A/ASP Mr Rowland Tims.  We first went to Acre* where we saw the 2000 year old prison built by the Romans.  Our next stop after travelling northward parallel to the frontier road & 4 kilos from it up terrifically high hills with sheer drops on one side of the road was Tashiha, a picturesque town set in the hills.  We then left the first class road and took a second class road to Safad.  This entailed more travelling up hill until we were 4000ft above sea level.  Leaving Safad we reached a point from which we could see Lake Tiberias & the Mediterranean.  We lunched by the Lake and some swam in it.  We travelled back to Shafa Amr which we reached at 4.30 having travelled 121 miles.

*Follow the link to Wikipedia description of Acre Prison break

Thursday, 20th February, 1947
A Dull morning with strong winds blowing all day.

We had another lecture from the M.O. this one on “Disentry” (Dysentery)

I began serious swotting for the Law Exam on next Thursday.

Practice for the Passing Out Parade took quite a period of our time this morning.

I sent a letter home today & enclosed the snaps taken in Horsha.

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