Sunday 10 March 2013

26th & 27th February, 1947 - Ron sits though an exam and some rather dubious entertainment.

Wednesday, 26th February, 1947
More swotting & practice for Passing Out Parade.

I received a parcel containing digests & a book by J.B.Priestly called 3 Men With New Suits.

I went on guard at 6 o’clock & spent an uneventful night walking up & down.

Thursday, 27th February, 1947
The day we have been working for during the last two months is upon us.  The day of the law exam.

From 8.30 – 12.30 we all sat in the canteen puzzling out the answers of the 10 questions out of 12 we had to answer.

The examination, I thought was not terribly hard though some of the questions needed a little thinking about.

The afternoon was passed by a lecture from Mr Rowland Tims & the evening’s enjoyment was provided by Spinneys[1] in as much as he sold us the Gold Star.

Williams and Ingledew gave us a lively time dressing themselves up as wogs: Ingledew playing “In a Persian Garden” while Williams does a dance and entices a rifle sling snake out of a wicker basket.

[1]Founded in 1924, Spinneys distributed goods to British nationals in the Near East initially those involved in the Palestine railways.  Spinneys is still a major chain of supermarkets throughout the region.  I haven't been able to establish what the "Gold Star" refers to unless it was simply a brand of beer!

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  1. Still cringing at my dad's vocabulary! Apologies for any offence caused.