Wednesday 13 March 2013

3rd & 4th March, 1947 - Ron Passes Out! and the newly commissioned police constables receive their orders...

Monday, 3rd March, 1947
Today started dull & rather cool compared with the previous week.  We were thankful for this on this our day of Passing Out as no-one wished to drop his rifle or his body to the ground as a result of the heat.
We were inspected by the District Super. & we marched past him in very fine style.  I was never before so moved as I was by opening bars of the march.

Jenin Taggart (police station) is in the middle distance
We received our postings in the evening.  I am for Samaria.  This may mean Jenin Taggart but too near Depot for comfort.

In the late evening free beer & eats were provided & everyone from the O.C. to Sergs were canned.  Eggs and beer flew like wild fire.  We returned a little the worse for wear but nevertheless happy and content after midnight.

Tuesday, 4th March, 1947
At 4.30am this morning we were called for breakfast on the day of our journeying to our posts.

Paddy Graham
After last minute packing & jumping upon case & box to close the lids on the crammed contents had been concluded and the kit piled on the scene of yesterday’s March Past, we were set to await the transport to our new homes.

At 8.30 we set forth along the roads inland.  We came to Jenin where the party of 20 was split into 3.   Some going to Tulquarm and others remaining at Jenin while Graham, Reilly, Barclay, Mountford & McGill and myself continued our journey to Nablus.  Here we lunched and all settled into one barrack room.

We had a rough survey given us by the Sergeant who then left us to ourselves.  We went for a stroll around the town and found it very interesting in its two sections, modern & old.

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