Thursday 7 March 2013

24th & 25th February, 1947 - More preparations for passing out and Ron has to make a decision about his future.

 Monday, 24th February, 1947
Today was another fine day, far too fine as regards heat we thought while practising for the passing out Parade.  We also spent part of the morning in swotting for the Law Exam.
Freight Train sabotaged by Jewish activists, Jaffa 1946
 Source: wikipedia

This afternoon we had a very interesting lecture from the Haifa C.I.D. bomb disposal division.
He explained many booby-traps used by the terrorists against us.

 Tuesday, 25th February, 1947
Another really hot day, but not according to the drill sergeant.

We spent the day in further preparations for the Law Exam & the passing out Parade which we are not told will be taken by the Inspector General & the march past will be to the music of the Police Band.

Myself and about 10 others were this afternoon offered positions with the C.I.D.
The majority of us declined the offer.  For myself I thought it over quickly and decided that I would not stand a very good chance to get on outside work which I want & even if I did change my mind after a few months experience in a Police Station I could apply for the C.I.D. course after obtaining my proficiency pay.

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  1. There is no need for a reminder that the search for a peaceful solution in Palestine still continues.