Tuesday 26 March 2013

17th - 18th March, 1947 - Rain! Good or bad? Depends on your perspective

Monday, 17th March, 1947
Today the weather took a change and became showery.

What a terrific contrast in the way the peoples of two countries look on rain.  At home we are always inclined to grumble when it rains whereas here the Arabs become very cheerful.  I was chatting to one on some petty subject or other when we heard the start of a shower of rain outside.  At once his face lit up, “Fi shitta, qwise kitteen,” he said (Good, it’s raining.)  It just shows how the subject of rain is at the back of the minds of these people whose country so badly need rain for the greater part of the year.

It is my turn for Prowler Guard tonight from 12pm to 6am.  Oh blow it’s going to rain.

Tuesday, 18th March, 1947
I came off Prowler Guard very tired this morning & wasted no time getting to bed where I slept soundly until lunchtime.

I lazed the afternoon away reading novelettes.  The evening I spent brushing up on my draughtsmanship.

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