Thursday 14 March 2013

5th & 6th March, 1947 - A slow start: bored with playing cards, the new constables are eager to volunteer.

Wednesday, 5th March, 1947
We woke this morning after a sound nights rest to find it dull outside.

We were called at 10am for an interview with the Station Officer who asked us a few questions and gave us a short talk telling us that our work for our first two months here would consist mainly of guards, escorts & study.  He dismissed us with a few words of advice & we returned to our room.

A Euchre hand consisting of the five highest cards in play
(with spades as the trump suit): Jack of Spades,
Jack of Clubs, Ace of Spades, King of Spades,
and Queen of Spades

The remainder of the day I read books & joined the others in a game or two of Nap.

Thursday, 6th March, 1947
Today a showery, dull day we spent in idling our time away, getting browned off waiting for something to do.

We had just settled down to a game of Nap in the billet when a sergeant rushed in & asked for two volunteers to go on as escort on a truck going out to tow in another which had broken down at Kilo. 48.  Mountford & I got the job & rushed off in a half armour plated truck.

We stopped and searched two trucks & an Arab driving a donkey but found nothing on any of them.  We also did not find, after climbing the mountain to Kilo. 41, any sign of the truck.  It was subsequently found at Kilo.38. & was an armoured car we had to tow.

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