Monday 11 March 2013

28th February - 2nd March, 1947 Small arms and grenades training, a trip to Haifa and more preparation for passing out...

Friday, 28th February, 1947
At 10.30 this morning we left the camp for a trip to Jenin where we fired pistol and threw hand grenades.

We fired 10 rounds on pistol, 5 from the hip & 5 from the shoulder at a No 2 Target.

We finished Pistol just before lunch, which we had in Jenin Camp.  I saw Bloomfield who told me he had passed out in front of D.I. G- and I was now preparing for a passing out Parade before the High Commissioner this is to be filmed I believe.

After lunch we threw 2 grenades each.  I admit I did not like the thought of this but everything passed uneventfully.

This fine morning we had a full dress rehearsal of the Passing Out Parade.

In the afternoon 5 from each truck were allowed into Haifa.  Myself & Graham were lucky enough to go together.  Jock Wilton joined the party & we strolled around Haifa.  We had our photo taken & I bought a snap shot album for £1.500.  We went into the Queen’s Bar & had a drink or two.

Sunday, 2nd March, 1947
Another very fine day.  The morning was spent in last minute “bull-shitting” of equipment for the passing out parade.  Another full dress rehearsal before the District Superintendent took place this afternoon with the Police Band playing the march.

[1]This picture is sourced from a website by Pat Byrne, an Irish recruit to the Palestine Police whose own account based on letters he wrote home to his father gives an interesting parallel to Ron's.  I haven't been able to contact Pat, to whom I offer my thanks, and don't think the two would have met, despite the fact that many of their experiences took place in the same locations.

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