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21st - 23rd February, 1947 - Ron and his comrades prepare for the Passing Out Parade and enjoy further tours of the region.

Friday, 21st February, 1947
Quite a nice day today but the strong winds of the last few days have persisted causing the sergeants no little inconvenience with their caps on the Parade Ground.

We have been practising more general salutes & march pasts for the day we are all looking forward to after two months.

The trip our squad had been expecting tomorrow has been cancelled as the standard or law over the whole squad is not very good so more lectures have to take place.

Saturday, 22nd February, 1947
This morning the weather was dull but threatening rain did not fall.

We spent a considerable amount of time practising the drill for the passing out parade.  The left-turn on the march presented the greatest difficulty unison being absent in this movement.

Sunday, 23rd February, 1947
Today we went for another tour.  This time we forsook the hills for the south plain.  We first however went to Nazareth where we spent an half hour.  Then we went to Afala and on [to] Tulquarm and across the wide fertile plain to Atlit the last stronghold held by the Crusaders.  We had our lunch on the beach here and I went in for a swim.  Bob Matthews accompanied me on a tour of the ruins.  The Arabs with fair hair are said to be descendants of the Crusaders.

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