Monday 4 March 2013

17th & 18th February, 1947 - Ron hears about the difficulties in countering terrorism...

Monday, 17th February, 1947
A messy morning turning into showers during the lunch hour & continued so throughout the day.

This afternoon we had what I considered to be one of the most interesting lectures I have had here yet.
It was given by an Inspector in the C.I.D. Haifa & was concerned primarily with the works of Jewish terrorists.
He said in his opinion these terrorists could never be beaten but they could and were being “nibbled” at by the quiet everyday police work.  By careful observance for slips, many terrorists had been caught but their organisation was so thorough as to be almost indestructible

This evening I went to see a film called “She Went to the Races” starring James Craig.  The story was very petty & the acting poor.  I received mail from Mum, Joyce and Aunt Daisy.

Tuesday, 18th February, 1947
Showery today.

We went through our usual training with an emphasis on the pistol, otherwise the day was very uneventful.

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