Saturday 23 February 2013

11th & 12th February, 1947 - More fun with guns!... and "Every Kiss a Thrill!"

Tuesday, 11th February, 1947

I felt much better this morning.  Arms Drill “Slope & Order Arms”

Arabic with an officious new teacher.

A stack of mail came in today including three Valentines, a letter from Aunt Rosa, 2 from Mum & Dad & 1 from Joyce.

Wrote to Mum Dad and Joyce (15)

Wednesday, 12th February, 1947
Fine again today, brilliant sunshine.

P.T. at 6am – 6.30am.
Parades and lectures during morning.  More rifle drill.  I am afraid one of these fine days I am going to turn about so well that my rifle will be so surprised that it will not accompany me but drop to the ground.

This afternoon we spent digging out a rifle range at the rear of the camp.
The ground was nearly all stone bound together with sandy soil so was very hard even with picks and shovels.

I wrote to Aunt Fan early in the evening, then went to the cinema to see “Honky Tonk” starring Lana Turner.  It was a very good film, of old time America.

Wrote to Aunt Rhoda and Uncle Sam.

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