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29th & 30th, January - Ron is still poorly but the abducted Judge is released

Wednesday, 29th January, 1947

Muddy this morning but not raining.  I reported sick after P.T. at 6.45.  The M.O. told me to abandon the reduced diet & go back to full diet for two days & see how this affects me.  We were told this morning that the Abducted Judge had been released & that Police had not found the Major.  The Airborne rumours seem to have been unconfounded [unconfirmed?].

We were paid today £P16.200m.

Heard from Mum.

Wrote to Joyce & Mum & Dad (2, 9 & 10)

Thursday, 30th January, 1947
Fine this morning.

Had lecture from A.I.G. Brig Ferguson on the conditions in Palestine at the moment.  He told us that the abducted Major was released last night when the curfew had been lifted for a while for the specific purpose.  The condemned terrorist has appealed against his sentence.  Dov Grumer[1] is his name & he took part in the attack on Ramit Gan Police Station last April, being left mortally wounded by his companions.

[1]Dov Grumer (or sometimes Gruner) was executed on 22 April 1947 

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