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8th - 10th February - Ron complains about the dirt and the recruits are warned about VD!

Saturday, 8th February, 1947
This morning we had the usual Interior Economy in which the Barrack Room was washed out and the dexterity of the inmates made the floor more dirty than it was prior to washing.  We also had a lecture by the S.M.O. on V.D.  His Arabic English was difficult to follow but we got the gist of it.

This was followed by the theory and practice of Riot Drill in which stones were thrown with pleasure at some of our felloe recruits protected by shields & pick shafts This evening I went to the camp cinema to see “Strike Up The Band” starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

Sunday, 9th February, 1947
It has been a really glorious day today.  Most of us treated it as a true day of rest.  I was on “stand-to” over night but one of the chaps on guard took my T.M.C. back for me.  I scrubbed my webbing white & spent the remainder of the morning, afternoon & evening playing pontoon.  Over the day I won 200mils.  Tonight party sent out to Shafa Amr.  “Wog” riot rumoured.

Monday, 1oth February, 1947
Glorious weather again today.

I came over bilious during the morning & felt very ill at lunch time.

I went sick during the afternoon & was excused drill.

I went to bed early & got a long night’s rest.

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