Monday 11 February 2013

24th - 26th January, 1947 - Ron reports sick

Friday, 24th January, 1947
Very wet again today.
Lectures on Arabic.  L.M.G. Rifle, Law and First Aid continue.
My diarrhoea has continued also.
Received letter from home today No1.

Saturday, 25th January, 1947
Not raining today.  Reported sick.  We had our first official period of “Internal Economy” here today.  All recreation trucks to Haifa have been cancelled until further notice.  This is because one of the last caught terrorists is to be hanged and his pals have threatened if the sentence is fulfilled to hang any Police or Soldiers they can.  Troops have been confined aswell.

We had Identification Parade today as one of the Canteen Wogs[1] was found wearing a K.D. shirt.  He said it was sold him by one of the recruits.  He picked a most unlikely chap at this Parade.  Wog put in lock up.  Went to camp film show to see “Her Highness and The Bell Boy”

Sunday, 26th January, 1947
Very fine this morning but chilly.  Reported sick again though feel better.  Wrote to Joyce and to Mum & Dad. (7 & 8)

On guard tonight from 10-12 o’clock.  From 6 – 10 we talked with 1st Sergeant Jones, a man of great experience in the Near East.

He corrected the impression I had that Arab girls do not go to school.

From 10 – 12 a very cold East Wind blowing.

[1] I refer the reader to the discussion of racist language in the first post of this blog


  1. Indeed, Linda, things seemed to be hotting up... I never really got a sense from Dad just how dangerous it was out there. I'm not sure he really knew either - he was just a boy of 18 and therefore invincible!