Thursday 28 February 2013

15th & 16th February - Ron acquaints himself with Black Beauty

Saturday, 15th February, 1947
‘B’ Squad being best Squad at Law went on a tour of this District of Palestine.  They tell me they swam in the Sea of Galilee & looked over Acre Prison etc.
The work here has eased up considerably since half term.  We are now going through the C.C.O. in law.

This afternoon I spent wholly in cleaning “Black Beauty” my rifle.
Bob Matthews is now operator of the Camp Cinema.  The film tonight was “Boom Town”

Sunday, 16th February, 1947
This morning started bright & fine but by 10.30am this had changed to heavy rain.  Spent most of the morning on my rifle then wrote home to Mum & Dad & one to Joy.

February 1947. Group of Arabs and
 myself taken outside the Mohtar's
 house in Horsha Village near Shafa Amr.
 I changed headdress with an Arab
 who fancied the cap. Note Cactus
Went on guard tonight.
I received the developments of the snaps I took in Horsha village today

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