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22nd and 23rd January, 1947 - Ron appreciates a change in the rations but has little time for some comrades!

Wednesday, 22nd January, 1947
Not raining today.
Lectures this morning.
Received letter from Mrs Carney.  Spent the afternoon with the other trainees making up the roads in the camp.
Received two letters, one from Dad and one from Joyce.

Food situation greatly improved.  Sergeant Murdoch present in dining Hall & at lunchtime the greater majority received “Back Sheesh” lunches.  This evening we had soup and bread at 7.30pm as extra.

Wrote to Mrs Carney.

Thursday, 23rd January, 1947
Light showers today but heavy rain last night.  Our squad warned that it is the most backward.  This is thanks to such men as O’Rourke who when he hears a five word sentence cannot repeat it.

I must stick into some swotting for the pending month ending examination.

Wrote Uncle Ronald and Home No.6 with photo of me with Arab Head-dress

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