Tuesday 19 February 2013

5th - 7th, February, 1947 - Ron seems to enjoy his cinema trips but not so sure about shouldering arms!

Wednesday, 5th February, 1947
Fine again today.
Operation “Polly” (Evacuation) over.
Law starts again.
This afternoon we helped clear the very soggy football pitch of stones & put up the goal posts.
Received letter (3) from Mum & Dad & letter from Joyce.
Sent letter to Mum & Dad (12)

Went to see the film “The Hidden Eye.”  It was quite good but I had seen it before.

Wrote to Joyce. (13)

Thursday, 6th February, 1947
Fine today.  Very hot at mid-day.

Received a letter from Aunt Fan today.  Wrote to Mum, Dad & Joyce (14) Photos.

On guard tonight.  Full moon and quite mild to start with but later in night became cold.
Strengthen my grip on Arabic.

Friday, 7th February, 1947
Fine again this morning but breezes kept cool what would otherwise be a hot day.

A & B squads very proud this morning with their newly gained rifles slung on their shoulders.  We get ours next Friday I believe.

This lunch time I wrote to Aunt Glad and Uncle Will.

We had our first arms drill this afternoon.  I never before realised how difficult it is to throw a rifle about.  My left shoulder from “shouldering arms” is quite bruised and sore.

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