Monday 18 February 2013

3rd & 4th February, 1947 - More cinema, the wives and children leave and Ron finds out more about the task ahead...

Monday, 3rd February, 1947
Fine this morning but showery at lunchtime.

This morning the P.M.F. sergeants have had their true police ranks granted.  1st B Serge down to 2nd & 2nd B Serg. Either down to acting unpaid or to B.C. [British Constable]

We had our first lecture on map reading on Palestinian maps.  The only differences are the symbols – many additional ones of course, such as mosques and minarets, sheikh’s tombs etc.

Went this evening to see “The Great Waltz”.  I saw this before in England but this did not spoil my enjoyment of every moment of it.

Bob received a Xmas cake from his home today and he kindly shared it with me.

After the stirring music of Strauss & the home thoughts stirred by the cake I went to bed in a very happy frame of mind.

Tuesday, 4th February, 1947
Fine today.

The British wives in the station left today for their evacuation with them went their children.[1]  The sergeants accompanied their wives away from the station so we were left very much to our own devices.

We had a very interesting lecture by Sergeant Palfreman on road checks.  This lecture opened my eyes to the many things hitherto undreamed of by me to which we may be called upon to act when we pass out from our training.  I hear today that the government have issued an ultimatum to the Jewish agency in so much that if they do not decide within the next few days to help us clear out the terrorists then we shall take it fully into our own hands.  Pointing again to Martial Law.

[1] Pathé News reel of Operation Polly

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