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20th and 21st January, 1947 - Ron tries the new camp cinema and benefits from someone else complaining...

Monday, 20th January, 1947
Raining streams this morning.

Usual lectures and the beginning of a series of lectures on First Aid which may end in our taking the St John’s exam.  This evening I went to the camp cinema which has just been set up and housed in the mess hall.  There are three performances each week, entrance fee 50mils for B.C.’s and 75 for sergeants.  The film showing this evening was the “Broadway Rhythm.”

Tuesday, 21st January, 1947
Rain stops parades once more.  Camp swamped out.  One of the trainees here took my two films into Haifa to get them developed.  A complaint was lodged by a chap from another squad about the smallness of our meals of late.  We left it as it was before as we thought the deficiency was due to settling in.  This chap kept his breakfast of a small piece of liver & a few carrots & potato & took it to the commanding officer Mr McCloud.  He agreed with the complainant and the rest of the meals have been, today, very good.

Received a letter from home today – it was posted on 12.1.47 and arrives in Shafa Amr today.  Wrote reply to it tonight.

Irgun Zvi Leumi [1] threaten to attack Police installations tonight

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