Monday 18 February 2013

31st January - 2nd February, 1947 - Terrorist activity leads to the evacuation of the British women and children

Friday, 31st January, 1947
Very heavy thunderstorms during night & continued periodically during night.  I was taken ill at 5 o’clock this morning after medicine received last night.  We were late  for parade this morning so told to parade at 5pm.

One of the chaps in the hut went into Haifa today & brought back two films I had developed.  Much “Bull Shitting” in hut & indeed all over camp tonight in preparation of grand parade tomorrow.

We had a petty test on small arms this afternoon.

Wireless anncts. Tonight say “all British Women & Children will leave Palestine & remaining British Personnel will be guarded  'so that army can get on with the job' ”

British Police living away from their stations must move into their stations.  Operation “Booker” came into operation this afternoon.

Saturday, 1st February, 1947
Showery this morning, clearing during the day.  We had our law examination this morning.  Also inspection by A/ASP [Acting Assistant Superintendent of Police] Rowland Timms.  Sorted out my mail this afternoon.

Went to camp cinema this evening to see Micky Rooney and Judy Garland in “Babes on Broadway”

Sunday, 2nd February, 1947
Fine this morning.
I sorted out the snaps I have to send home.
Wrote home (11) and enclosed snaps.  Wrote to Aunt May [enclosed] snap.  Wrote to Aunt Daisy.

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