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13th & 14th February - Ron gets some exam results and finally gets his gun!

Thursday, 13th February, 1947
Fine again today.

Today we had another lecture from the Senior Medical Orderly about Typhoid Fever.

Following this Mr Rowland Tims[1]  gave us a lecture on all branches of the Police Force & asked us if we had any special qualifications to put in an application for any of these branches.

After a lot of difficulty in making up my mind I put in an application for Mounted.  The wireless branch does not attract me, though to return to the B.B.C.[2] I suppose I should go into this branch but I will try to get into the Mounted and perhaps transfer from that branch if I should find I have erred in my judgement.

We had our law exam results today I had 82%.  Highest in ‘C’[3]

[1] Mr Rowland Tims joined the Palestine Police on 17.6.1939 as British Constable 526, was promoted Sergeant in March, 1942 and appointed Acting Assistant Supt in 1946 becoming a Platoon Commander in the PMF in 1947
[2]Prior to signing up for the Palestine Police, Dad was working for the BBC as a radio technician.
[3]I’m guessing from this and Dad’s references to ‘A’ & ‘B’ Squad that he must have been in ‘C’ Squad!  I know… get my detective skills!

Friday, 14th February, 1947
We rose at 5.45am this morning to find it very dull & stormy outside.
Today we are going to Jenin where we draw our rifles & proceed to the range.  We left Shafa Amr by truck at about 7am & arrived in Jenin at 8.30am.  We fired rifle, L.M.G. and T.S.M.C.  I am sorry to say that as other than my single shots rifle I was not very great.  The T.S.M.C. stopped every round & between it & Mr Tims I did very poorly on this weapon.  The day cleared up so that by mid-day we discarded our Denham jackets.  Our haversack rations were soon disposed of at lunchtime after which I met Raymond Bloomfield & had a chat with him for a short while.

It was dark when we got back to Shafa Amr & we were all very tired and dirty.

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