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10th - 15th October, 1947 - Ron's on leave and the country boy learns a thing or two on his Lebanese adventure...

Friday, 10th October, 1947
Saturday, 11th October, 1947
Sunday, 12th October, 1947
No entries

Monday, 13th October, 1947
I went to court this morning prepared to give evidence against ABU TIYIB the fellow I arrested while I was in Tubas.  He was brought before the Magistrate and after he had been charged with the possession of 25 cartridges he pleaded guilty.  He was then fined three pounds.

I rushed back to the station, prepared a leave ticket for my 14 days then I changed into civvies and finished packing.
As there was no truck going to Depot Jenin my first stop, I had to go by bus.
In the depot met Bob Matthews and in the evening we went to the camp cinema.
There were five of the Beirut Party assembled in Depot Jenin not one of whom I knew.  We spent the night in an empty hut with the two blacks we were provided with.

Tuesday, 14th October, 1947
Up at 5 this morning we had our breakfast which was very poor then travelled by truck to Haifa.  We collected £10 in advance of our wages and £4.850mils ration allowance.
We had a much better breakfast in the temporary mess built since the Police Headquarters were blown up.  The damage done was very extensive to the Main Building and all the Jewish shops and cafes nearby were damaged, some very badly.
Aftermath of the 29th September attack by the Irgun on
Haifa Police Station
source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
Leaving Haifa, we were escorted by an armoured car to the border post of Ras El Naqura where our passports were checked.  We then passed through into Lebanon.  A little cafe near the Post afforded an excuse for a beer each.
We followed the coast road through country similar to Palestine.  A road block had been set across the road at the first village we reached and a mob swarmed around.  This was in protest as…
Wednesday, 15th October, 1947
…they had not had any bread for two days.  On finding we were English I heard one man shout “French, Germans, English – they are all the same.”

Beirut was at first a disappointment as I was expecting quite a European air about it.  It is quite a large city full of large buildings which are the cause of narrow streets and a general dirty atmosphere.
A cosmopolitan city, our hotel proprietor is Greek & speaks eight languages.  The Hotel is situated right on the Seafront and affords quite a good view.  The sea front is not good as it is very rocky with no beach.  Casinos & Cabarets dot it at intervals.  Construction is in progress along most of its length.

Ron's on Holiday suddenly there's lots to write!
This evening I went with three others to see what on behind the lights of “Follies Bergers” a typical brothel.  Four women leapt upon us on making our entry and made no bones of their profession.  Requesting me to stay the night one of them exposed herself to prove she was clean.  We were persuaded to buy each of them a brandy and then we left in disgust.

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