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29th November - 1st December, 1947 - A sudden upsurge in criminality and dramatic local reactions to the Partition announcement...

Saturday, 29th November, 1947
I was working more at ease this morning & more or less looking for work but this afternoon three big cases came in all within a ¼ hour.  An abduction & ATT. murder[1], a Possession of Stolen Property & Illegal Entry into Palestine and the last the two cleaners in the billet were arrested as Police kit had been found in their houses.  I was in the middle of getting this straight when a letter in Arabic was passed to me.  I had it translated and it was to the effect that about 20 armed men not speaking Arabic were walking towards Sulphit.  A recky was sent out & men on the way said they had seen them.  Our people found no trace of them.

[1] Abduction and Attempted murder...

Jews celebrating the announcement of the UN backed Partition
of Palestine source: http://www.timesofisrael.

Sunday, 30th November, 1947
The first thing I was awakened with this morning was the news that the Partition had received its vote.  As this might bring about uprisings in the country a stand to was proclaimed.  Nablus was put out of bounds to all of us.  I went over to the station as normal & did some work.  Police from Jenin who did not know of the Standby were stoned in the town.  The Club above the station was put out of bounds and we all cleared out of the station.

Monday, 1st December, 1947
Foreign volunteers arriving in support of Palestinian Arabs
November 1947 source:http://en.wikipedia.org

Several trucks & buses loaded with chanting Arabs, men & boys passed up and down the roads of the town in the Anti Partition demonstrations.  Many were armed with rifles & pistols which they fired quite liberally into the air.  They know the police will take no action during the next few days so they are taking advantage of this to show off their strength in weapons.

The exodus of many Arabs from their home territories as refugees from the violence was later to prove catastrophic when they tried to return.  The newly formed state of Israel passed punitive absentee legislation that allowed the State to expropriate traditional Arab lands in the process of judaization of the country and continues to have a powerul impact to this day.

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