Friday 8 November 2013

20th & 21st October, 1947 - Boys meet girls... Anyone for tennis?

The Martyr's Square,
Beirut 1947
Monday, 20th October, 1947
This morning I went for a walk around the town and took a few snaps.
In the afternoon we all went to the St George’s Club for a swim and one of us did some unsuccessful fishing.
At 8.30pm we went to a party in one of the beautiful houses on the University Campus.  Our hostess was Canadian the other girls were four Americans, one Scottish-Lebanese and one elderly chaperone – an English lady.
These girls were all very gay and between us the evening was a great success.  I found the American girls very attractive and quite good dancers and conversationalists.  One was a “Dumb Blonde” type but got along all right with our chaps.
Our hostess was particularly charming and kept the party moving when it had tendencies of becoming stagnant.
Closing at about 1am we each paired off and took a girl to her home which was outside the University grounds.  I took Agnes the Scottish girl home, and was second back to the Pension.  When Joe came back I was asleep.  Soon after he woke me as it was pouring with rain and the windows needed closing.

Tuesday, 21st October, 1947
This morning two of the chaps went to the University with the hope of playing tennis with Dorothy & Liz.  Joe & I went to watch.  The rain during the night made tennis impossible.  Liz came to the courts with Dorothy but left when she saw the condition.  We took Dot into the Milk Bar and afterwards we had a few sets of table tennis.
In the afternoon we went to the club for a swim after which we played table tennis & snooker.
Mrs Brice (Betty) had apparently forgotten to inform the club of her intended dance this evening.  We soon cleared the floors of rugs etc. and also of one lorgnetted lady who looked very perturbed.
The girls arrived – three to our four boys.  The music was provided by a portable gramophone and a small collection of records.
We all enjoyed the dancing and when we all thought we heard each record enough times we side tracked into a quiet bottle party.  After a few more dances we saw the girls back to the Legation.

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