Monday 18 November 2013

8th - 11th November, 1947 - A couple of days in court, a surprise end to the case and a change in the weather...

Saturday, 8th November, 1947
Today our Khutbeh friends with the entire Assize Court went to Beito Village.  Four B/C’s with stens , a sergeant and four mounted B/C’s formed the Guard.
The Court announced that their findings will be given on Monday.  The verdict is very much in the air.  Our case is good but the Defence have been picking on all the little things and this may go in their favour.  We must now wait to hear the result of this the first of five felony counts held against the brothers by the Police.

Sunday, 9th November, 1947
After the months of sunshine we have had the weather changed completely today giving place to biting cold winds and a thunderstorm which…(cont’d on next page)
Monday, 10th November, 1947
…did not blow itself out until the afternoon.

Today the court passed Judgement on the Kutbeh Brothers.  They were both sentenced to death.  This came as a surprise after the way the trial seemed to be swayed in their favour.

Tuesday, 11th November, 1947

We heard this morning that we go into Blues tomorrow.  I shall feel out of it in Battle dress.  At such short notice the Dobby (Launderer)[1] was crowded out with orders for pressing.

[1]"Dobby" - as Ron says the term used refers to the launderers in service to the Police Force.  "Dobhi" - a Hindu word meaning "launderer" - would seem to be the corrupted source for this.  Given an opportunity I'd ask JK Rowling if this was her inspiration for her house elf!

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