Saturday 23 November 2013

12th - 16th November, 1947 - Lots of guns about it seems.

Wednesday, 12th November, 1947
This morning the chaps went into blues while I went into Battle dress as I was on leave when blues were issued and I have not yet received any.
They look more like Policemen now and the stiff collar makes them hold their heads erect.  It is a very smart uniform the moreso from a distance.

Thursday, 13th November, 1947
We have had plenty of work of late as about seven cases involving firearms have occurred and these have all to be translated into English and submitted to H.Q. for close of court.  That is whether the case will be tried by Civil or Military Courts.  Unless the accused is specifically charged with carrying or purchasing a firearm…(cont’d on next page)

Friday, 14th November, 1947
…the case is usually heard before a civil court.

This evening I went to the Club Cinema to see “No Leave, No Love” with Van Johnson and Pat Roe as the stars.  It was a comedy and I enjoyed it very well.

Saturday, 15th November, 1947
This afternoon I went to Beito with the Inspector & a Police Party to investigate a case of Armed Robbery.
A cow & a calf had been stolen from a little boy who had been grazing them on the mountain side.

Sunday, 16th November, 1947
The sunshine returned today but not enough to make us feel comfortable in our uniforms.

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