Thursday 7 November 2013

18th & 19th October, 1947 - A Beirut Beach Party with the ladies from the British Council

Saturday, 18th October, 1947
This morning our party went to a beach just outside Beirut, to a beach hut loned (sic) to the British Council by the Minister here.  Three of the British Council ladies joined and we swam and boated and pick-nicked then we swam again in the afternoon.  It was a quiet party but very pleasant.  Arrangements were made for some girls from the Legation to join us next day.
The wife of the 

Representative of the British Council invited us back to 
her house for a drink.  A beautiful and very large house with a well stocked bar.
Joe & I went to an open air cinema this evening to see “Love Letters” – the mosquitoes bothered us.

Sunday, 19th October, 1947
St George's Hotel, Beirut
We had to cancell our trip to the beach today when a heavy thunder storm burst at 9am this morning.  The Legation girls sent round a note inviting us to an informal dance at the St George’s Club on Tuesday evening.  The storm washed away much of the embankment on the sea wall in from the Pension.  The labourers are so slow that it will probably take months to repair.

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