Friday 1 November 2013

25th - 28th September, 1947 - some big politics, cinema and a few home truths...

Arthur Creech Jones
source: The National Portrait Gallery
Thursday, 25th September, 1947
The papers are full of a quick withdrawal from Palestine announced by Creech-Jones

Friday, 26th September, 1947
Sarg told us the Inspector General is coming on Monday to talk to us about our position if the force should be disbanded.  There is some talk that we should be found positions in another Colonial Police Force.  I rather hope we do.

Went to the cinema tonight to see “The Hidden Eye” (3rd time I’ve seen it).

Saturday, 27th September, 1947
Work in plenty again this morning.  Afternoon when everyone else has gone is when most work gets done.

Went for a walk in the Balad tonight.  Plenty of shots fired there must have been a wedding somewhere.

Sunday, 28th September, 1947
I took a party of police to a village tonight to search a house for “Hasheesh”.  We had everything upside down & inside out from roof to cow shed but found nothing.

[1] Many years later, Dad once sat me down when I ws home from University one holiday and asked "Well, Christopher, have you ever taken any drugs?"  By this time I felt old enough and sufficiently out from under the wing of my parent to say to him, "Yes, Dad, as a matter of fact I have smoked a bit of cannabis!  I'm a student - it's what happens..."

He was thoughtful for a moment then he said with a typical twinkle in his eye...
" Hmmm.  Yes, so have I."

He seemed really pleased to have someone to tell!  From what I gather he had visited a brothel at some point in his time in Palestine and although I fully believe he had not partaken of the other vices on sale at this place, he had indulged in a few puffs on a hubbly-bubbly - ie no hooker but a little hookah!

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