Saturday 2 November 2013

30th September - 2nd October, 1947 - Young Ron gives a clue to his priorities... explosion, interruptions and no tea!

Monday, 29th September, 1947
Haifa H.Q. was blown up today 10 killed I think.

Pay day “Ahhamdillila” [1]

I was in the middle of a word on the typewriter this afternoon when someone walked into the office and said “Ahlain” [2] to me, I replied “Kaif in Hal” [3] and making a mistake swore.  Looking up I saw it was the A.S.P.[4] Did I shoot to my feet.  What he actually said was “Is there anything in?” (new cases)

[1] (Alhamdulillah = Arabic expression meaning “Praise to God”)
[2] Ahlain  =  Hi!
[3] Kaif Halak =  “How are you?”
[4] Assistant Superintendent of Police

Tuesday, 30th September, 1947
In my spare time of late I have been practicing up my chess, and reading a great deal.

Wednesday, 1st Octber, 1947
No entry

Thursday, 2nd October, 1947
The Arab all country strick [strike?] took place today.  The only way it affected us was in that the tea boy took part depriving us of tea today.  Police staff proper of course did not go on strick (sic)

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